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The MR Websites Mailing System module lets you create batches and you can check all email addresses you have in your databases before sending your mail shot. In case necessary, you can edit the email addresses that the system have found as incorrect.

Standard this module comes with two different options to create your news letter template:

  1. plain text 'Info' mailing
  2. text & image mailing

Furthermore we have created a 'window' to the mail server for you, so you can check if some emails may bave bounced. The bounced emails section has some more features, such as deleting the email addresses from your list and exporting these to an MS Excel file.

Finally, a very clever tracking system has been built in the text & images news letter option: titles and images in your nicely styled email (header with your logo and footer), can be clicked by the receiver of your email news letter. When recipient has clicked the link back to a page (defined by you when creating your template), the system will keep track of these clicks. In the Statistics of our mailing sytem module you can check how many clicks you have received from each mail shot you have sent out.


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